Monday, 3 December 2012

Winter is coming...

Winter is truly coming now, it was -18c this morning when I had to walk to school. Luckily as a Swede I know how to dress properly to avoid freezing to death.

This week I'm taking a week off from the gym, for two reasons. The biggest reason is to give my body time to regenerate from several months of working out 5-7 times per week. The other reason is to have time and energy to build speakers. My dad will be away for the whole week but I will try to prepare everything so we can glue the baffles and top panels during the weekend. That means I have to drill holes for terminals and drivers (done, but might not be large enough), prepare internal cables (probably going for cat5 cables), makes sure all panels are same height (working on it) and that the drivers fit well to the brace (also working on it).

Cutting the damping material was harder than expected.

Apparently the brace was sticking out a bit so there was a little gap between baffle and the side panels. Here in the picture the baffle is on its edge just to demonstrate the size of the gap. I had to sand the brace down a few millimeters.

Removed the driver and terminal on one of my Mar-Kel70.

Making sure the holes are right

Time to do the same with the terminals

Mark the holes for drilling
As I mentioned earlier I had drilled the holes as well, but my camera ran low on battery so I'll take photos of that some other day or just include them in the next update.

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