Saturday, 29 December 2012

Glueing the very first piece of the Oy speakers

Today it was time to start on the Oy speakers, for real. I started with clearing my working table and then getting all the needed parts for one speaker and quickly taping it up to see how everything would fit. After a couple of minutes of discussing with dad what would be the best way to glue them we start working. Get clamps, all the clamps we have, and place the speaker on three of them. Add glue, a little of pressure from the sides and then adjust the back panel sidewise  before adding the weights on top. I used the old baffles for the Mar-Kel70 speakers to put the weights on. In the end it looked like this.

I pretty much used all the heavy objects I could possibly find. At first I put the weights on the sides but there was a little gap in the middle so I decided to move it all to there instead.

As you can see in the first and last pictures the gap is by the middle clamp, and it's quite small, about a millimeter or less. On the sides it's all fine, as you can see in the middle picture. I guess I will just add some more glue later and then sand it down, just to fill the hole. It is 100% sealed though, because the glue filled up nicely all the way on the inside. And if I want I could seal the entire cabinet from the inside later if I want to, but I guess there will be no need for that.

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