Thursday, 14 February 2013

Speaker "pillows"

I apologize once again for the low activity the last few weeks. Lots of stuff going on at school, lots of work at the new job and I just started getting my driving license as well. But a week ago or so I got a package from Ingvar which contained some speaker "pillows". Not the famous SD-pillows I have mentioned before because he said the speaker became too unstable on them. So instead he sent me some thinner pillows of a similar material. They made a huge difference, mostly in the midrange. Now the floor vibrates a lot less and the sound is generally cleaner.

It has been squished a bit by the weight of the speaker

Monday, 4 February 2013

You know you have been playing loud when...

So I was fooling around a bit this evening playing some dubstep. I measured an average level of about 102dB and peak at 106dB in the bass frequencies.

Note the port cover. It is made of some kind of mesh material and it allows air to pass quite freely. Breathing through it is no problem at all, you barely notice any extra resistance. It's the same on both speakers.

Picture quality is bad, I know. But I have no functioning memory card for my camera yet but hopefully two 8GB cards arrive either tomorrow or on wednesday. I have also ordered a 3TB Western Digital Red harddrive to store all my music, pictures and movies on. Feels like it was a good investment, especially since my WD Black 640GB has almost 12000 hours uptime, who knows when it fails?

Sunday, 3 February 2013

First try at room measuring

Here's some different measurements I did a while ago using an Audyssey mic and an integrated soundcard on my motherboard. No scientific standards but...

The two highest curves are with no damping in the ports, the two lower are with damping. The lowest two with and without damping is with door to the room open and the highest is with door closed.

The room gives the big peak around 50Hz and the suckout between 80-100Hz. I don't know about 200Hz yet but I suppose that's some other feature of the room's dimensions.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Dead memory card, again...

I was filming my speakers playing music two days ago. Everything went fine except when I connected the memory card to my PC it was dead. Just like before, there was no way to reach it. The camera didn't read it either. I lost several hundred pictures and the videos I had filmed. I have contacted amazon and they'll give me a full refund this time instead of sending me a new card. So I bought two new 8GB cards instead from swedish Dustinhome, they should arrive on tuesday I guess. Then I will take some pictures of my Nexus phone and maybe try filming some again.

Meanwhile, take a listen to the album Brother Where You Bound by Supertramp. Excellent audio quality and nice music as well.