Monday, 4 February 2013

You know you have been playing loud when...

So I was fooling around a bit this evening playing some dubstep. I measured an average level of about 102dB and peak at 106dB in the bass frequencies.

Note the port cover. It is made of some kind of mesh material and it allows air to pass quite freely. Breathing through it is no problem at all, you barely notice any extra resistance. It's the same on both speakers.

Picture quality is bad, I know. But I have no functioning memory card for my camera yet but hopefully two 8GB cards arrive either tomorrow or on wednesday. I have also ordered a 3TB Western Digital Red harddrive to store all my music, pictures and movies on. Feels like it was a good investment, especially since my WD Black 640GB has almost 12000 hours uptime, who knows when it fails?

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