Thursday, 19 March 2015

Planning to start selling O2+ODAC headphone amplifier + dac combos again

Hello dear readers,

A while ago I had a service where I would build O2+ODAC combos for people for a small fee. I quit that partially because I felt I wasn't paid enough and because I didn't feel like I had the time. However I will be getting more free time now so I could start doing it again but then there is the problem of monetary reward for me. Previously I would end up with a really crappy hourly wage if I would just take single orders for people and build them on request. I am now planning to invest in buying maybe 8-10 sets to build and sell to people. For me this would mean that I make more money per unit sold and you as a potential customer wouldn't have to wait ~1-2 weeks, I could ship as soon as you have paid me and the combo would be in your hands in one or two days.

As I mentioned this will be an investement, a rather big one considering I'm on a student's budget. So before I spend a lot of money ordering the components I would like to know if there is any interest in buying pre-assembled ready-to-run O2+ODAC combos. Remember, this is only for people in Sweden. If you are interested, let me know! Send me an email at or post a comment below.

My plan is to order within a week or two if there is a big enough interest.

Also, I have recently become an affiliate of so if you want to buy any of his products, be it a ready-made amplifier, ODAC or maybe even a DIY-kit, please feel free to use these links below if you want to support me since I get a small percentage of the money you spend on his website if you use the links below.

Full O2 amplifier DIY-kit
O2 amplifier DIY parts-kit
ODAC DIY board only
O2+ODAC headphone amplifier+dac combo
O2 headphone amplifier
ODAC RCA version

Remember, let me know if you are interested! Also, if you are interested in buying anything else from his site and you are intimidated by buying from overseas, let me know and I can add it to my coming order and you can buy it from me instead.

One last thing, if you are not in Sweden but you are still interested in building your own amplifier, use the links above and for instructions check my construction guide and my notes here

If and when I start building again I will create a new, much more detailed step for step guide including everything a total beginner will need to know to build a complete O2+ODAC combo. I may even do a full video guide if there is enough interest.


  1. Hi Mate,

    I have an O2 amplifier which is currently faulty, would love if someone could repair it. Please let me know if you are available, my number is 92217814. Cheers!