Monday, 23 March 2015

Will be ready to sell O2+ODAC combos in Sweden within a week or two

I have good news for my Swedish readers. I just placed an order on ten O2+ODAC kits and I'm hoping I will get them by the beginning of next week and I'm hoping to build at least one or two before going on holiday over easter. If you want to buy just an O2 and not the ODAC, let me know and I'll make special arrangements for that.

My plan is to sell a finished O2+ODAC for ~2000SEK+shipping. I will offer custom gain settings for no extra cost. Unfortunately I will not offer any other extras such as 6.3mm output, back panel power or other colors than black (which seems to be the most popular).

Finished black O2+ODAC
So, what do you get when ordering an O2+ODAC combo from me? You get a fully assembled, fully functional amplifier and DAC. You get a 90cm gold plated (looks fancy) USB-cable. Underneath the case there will be small rubber feet to prevent scratches and stop the case from sliding around on your desk. The volume knob will be black brushed aluminium for a nice quality feel. The power adapter is a very compact one with a cord that is long enough for most people. I estimate it is around 1.5m. On request I will add gain resistors which can be useful if you want to switch gain settings in the future. I will make it so that no soldering will be required to change gain resistors, just pluck them out of the socket with a tweezers and put in the new ones. Standard gain will be 2.5x/6.5x. I haven't actually had any headphones that have needed more than 1x but for an example the Sennheiser HD600 needs a high gain. My Denon AH-D2000 and my Koss Porta Pro are just fine with 1x. 

If you are interested in buying one from me, contact me at

If you are not in Sweden but you still think that this looks like a kickass amplifier combo, then check out this site and buy your own DIY-kit.

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