Friday, 17 April 2015

The components for ten O2+ODAC combos have arrived

Earlier this week I went to pick up the package containing everything I need for the ten O2+ODAC headphone amplifier combos that I am going to build. It was heavier than I thought it would be but then I remember that the power adapters and the cases do have a bit of weight to them after all.

I have been incredibly busy this whole so I haven't had time to do anything else but open the package making sure everything was there, which it of course was.

Cases, panels and knobs in the bottom right. Power adapters in the bottom left. Component bags in the top. PCBs in the middle and USB-cables to the left and ODAC boards to the right.
Today I had a bit of spare time so I decided to start marking the resistors. Previously I have only been building the amplifiers one by one and so I have had to measure the resistors every single time which of course takes a lot of time. I estimate that it takes maybe 15 minutes to properly mark all the resistors in one bag of components. I have ten now. So I figured that if I mark one bag properly I can use it for reference when doing the other nine bags and so I should be able to save a lot of time. This way each bag took about four minutes so I guess I saved over one and a half hours of work.

Since there were no bits of paper on the two single resistors I had to make custom "flags" for them. A bit of tape and a small piece of paper worked just fine for labelling them. 

I am not sure when I will start building these because so far I haven't had time to do any advertising and I haven't gotten any requests yet either. This was thought to be a summer job but the earlier I can start advertising and selling the better it is. Selling ten of these in Sweden is likely going to take a while.

If you are interested in buying, send me a message at

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