Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Glueing baffles, finally starting to look like a cabinet

Today dad was home in the evening so he helped me sand the brace so the driver could rest on the baffle instead of the brace. Then we went on glueing the baffles.

Using whatever is available to press the baffles.

On the second speaker (the one that has the orange clamp) there's a tiny gap between baffle and side panel but it was nothing I could fix. Will have to seal it from the inside afterwards.

Right now the plan is to add the remaining panel of damping material, glue the top panels tomorrow after school and then me and dad will go down to the woodshop and fix the 45-degree cuts on the sides. Then I'll just add cables, terminals and drivers and it's all done and I can start glueing the HAD Oy speakers.

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