Sunday, 30 December 2012

Day two of glueing the Oy

Today I continued glueing the speakers. I started with glueing the top panel.

Lots of speaker cabinets in one picture!

Somehow the top panel is ~1mm too thick at some places. No biggie since I am thinking of chamfering  all edges like Ingvar has done.
For this it was easier to have the speaker standing, so I could add weights on top. I still have the whole box "assembled" except for the side panel to make it easier getting all the angles correct. This has one drawback though, because the glue also has contact with the panels that are not being glued at the moment. So when I was going to glue the baffle today some glue from the top panel had gone to the baffle so I had to use a hammer to get the baffle loose. This lead to some wood splintering on the inside of the baffles, no big deal though since it wont be visible anyways.

And in the evening when the glue has gotten some hours to dry it was time to glue the baffles.

Using all available clamps but I could still use a few more. Might be I'll raid my neighbour's garage and see if he has any. The glueing of the baffle went smoother than the back panel because I can put clamps in the driver cutouts as well.

Tomorrow I will not spend the whole day in front of the computer playing Dota 2 as I have done today. Tomorrow I will glue the bottom panel early in the morning. Then I will screw and glue the two port pieces together, for both speakers. I will mark and maybe drill holes for the terminal backplate. I will pre-drill holes in the filter boards and backside of the speaker so I can screw the filter boards instead of glueing. I want to be able to remove them if needed so glueing is not an option. Then I will make a new pair of cables for the top woofer and then a pair of cables from terminals to filter and put a ring connector on the terminal end. If I have time I will also solder all cables to the filters. A lot of work, and it will take many many hours but hopefully I shall have time to go to the gym at some time during the day.

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