Sunday, 30 December 2012

A minor disaster!

So this morning, I was still in bed, my dad started to remove the clamps from the speakers. Some of the spacer bits we've used to avoid damaging the panels had gotten stuck. Apparently some glue had found its way between spacer and baffle and so the spacer had been effectively glued to the baffle. Glue is very strong so he used a hammer to knock it off. This particular bit was of oak and as you all know oak is very hard, harder than birchply, so the birchply gave way and it ended up like this.

A big disappointment of course. It's on the baffle, close to the edge (which could be both good or bad) and far down (which is also good and bad).

But I decided to try to remove the bit that had stuck to the oak. I used a very sharp carpet knife and carefully cut it off. Starting in one end going towards the middle and then turning it around and starting at the other end and going towards the middle.

So I guess I will make an attempt to glue it back into the hole and then use some bondo or something and see how it ends up like.

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