Monday, 31 December 2012

The smell of burnt rubber...

I've been working about as much today as I did yesterday, maybe even more time-wise.

First thing I did in the morning was to glue the baffle.

Then I went outdoors to the garage and started with the damping materials. I didn't take any pictures since my father and brother were out there sanding some stuff so it was a bit dusty. But I cut all the pieces for speaker number one and fastened most of it. For speaker number two I still have to cut the pieces that shall be on top of the port pieces.

When I was done with the damping material the baffle had gotten a few hours to dry so I started glueing the bottom.

Then it was time to solder the filters, which proved to be a bit harder than I thought.

Using my own equipment this time and not Daniel's

I started with stripping and tinning the cables, thinking it was a great idea. It was great, until it was time to solder them to the filter. I managed to get two of the - cables on before I realised that it wasn't possible. The big 4mm cables were too thick to be soldered easily. So then dad came up with the idea that I could use cable shoe rings and a bolt instead and just solder the bolt to the filter, and so I did. But now the cables were all tinned to getting the cables shoes on the cables was a bit hard and I had to solder them as well. I guess I spent probably two hours or so soldering the filters.

When I was done with the filters the bottom panel had gotten a few hours to dry so it was time to glue the port.

I used less glue this time so aligning it right was much easier than before.

And some time during the day, can't remember when exactly, I tried mounting all the drivers in speaker number one to assure that all t-nuts were straight enough and most of them were. The ones that needed to be fixed got fixed. It was then I realised I had forgotten to drill the holes in the tweeters. Me and dad went out to the workshop, dried some different drills and found that 4.5mm would be fine. Drilled all six holes and I was really nervous but dad showed no signs even though he was drilling.

Holes are now ~4.5mm instead of ~3.5mm so now the M4 bolts fit through
And for those of you wondering about the title of this post, my mom complained several times that it smelled of burnt rubber in the house. It's because I had used lots of head when soldering so the insulation on the cables had melted a bit at some places. "Luckily" I have anosmia and can't feel the smell at all so I wasn't bothered by it.

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