Sunday, 30 December 2012

Last update for this very productive day

I have done a lot of stuff since this morning. The first thing I did was to use a very sharp carpet knife to carefully cut loose the birchply piece from the oak spacer bit.

I will try to glue it back and then fill with some bondo or something, sand it down and see how it looks like. If it's not good I might try an inlay. If that isn't good either I might just paint the boxes.

While I was in the little workshop I pre-drilled holes in the port pieces and glued and screwed them together like this.

I also drilled holes in the filters to prepare for screwing them to the back panel. I want the filters removable so I wont glue them.

I noticed that the big condensators were a bit loose and could rattle so I used some superglue and glued them to the boards like this.

Then before going to the gym I glued the bottom panel for speaker number one.

When I came home from the gym I started again with glueing the back panel of speaker number two.

And while I was waiting for dinner I made cables from the terminal to filter and then from filter to upper woofer, to both speakers.

I have not stripped the inner insulation from the other ends yet. I will do that when I am soldering them to the filter (maybe tomorrow or on wednesday).

Then I carried speaker number one outdoors into the garage. Found a nice workbench of suitable height there to place the speaker on. There I sanded the edges on the side where glue had come up, so the side panel fits nicely when it is time to glue it. I also drilled holes for the terminal plate screws and for the filter screws.

And a couple of hours ago I started glueing the top panel for speaker number two. I will let this be for the night and then glue baffle and bottom panel early in the day. In the evening I will glue ports for both speakers and start with the damping material.

I wasn't done for today it seemed. Dad thought I should glue the port for speaker number one and so I did.

It was a bit tricky to make it stay in place but after a while I got it to 50mm +- 1mm which shouldn't matter very much I think since I will stuff the port anyways.

Tomorrow the main goal is to glue baffle and bottom to speaker number two. Then add damping material to all panels that shall have it. Cut out for braces and filter and glue the braces. Then drill holes for terminal plate screws for speaker number two, sand joints and drill holes for filter screws.

After that, all that remains is solder all the cables to the filter, mount the filter and then glue the remaining side panel (hoping that it fits because I know not all angles are 90 degrees).

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