Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Change of plans!

Change of plans! I didn't go to the woodshop today, didn't have enough time to glue the top pieces so I'll go there next wednesday instead if the guy who owns it has time for me.  But today I sanded down one of the baffles (it was like a millimeter too tall) and did some fine sanding on the rest to make the top piece fit nicely. I also cut and glues the last bit of damping material that goes on the brace.
And just now, before going to bed, I glued one of the top pieces.

RX glue, again. Was thinking of using wood glue but I was thinking this would be a little better for the task.

My ingenuity is striking. Used a university catalogue to put some weight on the damping material. It was perfect size for the task!

An hour or so later it was time to glue the top panels. Use lots of glue! No picture of the clamping assembly but I can assure you it looks funny. Two clamps, four 2.5kg plates and four 1.5kg plates on top of it.

I will glue the other top panel some other day when I find the time. The girl from Shetland I've hosted for the past month is leaving for home tomorrow so that will mean I have a bit more time over for my projects. If I can be arsed enough I will add the terminals, wires and drivers and play on them until wednesday when I'm most likely doing the angle cut.

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