Tuesday, 9 October 2012

The waiting for delivery is finally coming to an end soon

I got a message from Ingvar yesterday. He told me that Morel had lost the other driver shipment too so it will take another while until I can get my drivers. But he said that he could send me all the other stuff so I could start assembling the cabinets and have that done when the drivers arrive. That's a very good idea and he'd pay the extra shipping costs that would lead to.

This morning I started thinking of assembling the Mar-Kel70T that Ingvar has cut panels for. The issue of damping material came up in my head. I have CSS Ultratouch in my current cabinets that could be salvaged but that's not the best and easiest way of doing it. So before heading to school this morning I sent an email to Ingvar and asked him if it was OK if I bought some extra damping material for the Mar-Kel70T. He said that it was OK since he didn't have time to ship the stuff yesterday and would do it tomorrow instead and he also said he would give it to me for free since it was so little. He's a nice guy!

So hopefully I'll have the stuff on friday, else I'll have them at my dad's job on monday and here at home on tuesday evening.

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