Sunday, 28 October 2012

Adding damping material to speakers and blisters to my hands

Sunday means time to work. I started working on the damping material issue. Starting with marking all panels so I knew where to put the material and where to not put anything.
Then I started cutting everything to pieces with a pair of scissors. I fetched the hot glue gun from the workshop and decided to work in my room instead because I had carried all the stuff to my room and it was fairly cold in the workshop.
A big mess in my room. Nice to have a big mat so I don't have to be afraid of damaging the panels because of some tiny gravel or something on the floor.
My hot glue gun. An el-cheapo version but it does the job.
Everything done, although I'm lacking a tiny piece for the last top panel. I've decided to not put anything on the back panels because it would obstruct the ports I think. Might put a tiny bit next to the brace, I'll see.
So what remains is finishing the last top panel and then glue the blue stuff seen to the left in the last picture to the brace. But first I need to buy more glue, I used all of the few sticks I had. Hopefully I wont burn myself on the gun as many times next time and avoid getting hot glue on my fingers because it hurts quite much.

Another thing I've noticed is the weight. The birchply cabinets will be a lot heavier than the particle board ones. Probably two or three times heavier.

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