Thursday, 1 November 2012

T-nuts and filters

This will be a rather long post, since I've forgotten to write what I did with the filters last saturday and I haven't really had time until now to do it. It will also contain what I have done today, which is quite a bit as well.

Let's start with what I did last saturday.
Here I have hammered nails into the board, wired some copper cable between them and soldered it. Also dry-fitted the components.

This is how it looks like. Still no components soldered to the board.

I didn't do much more on the filter that day. I wasn't sure how everything was to be soldered so I had to ask Ingvar before proceeding. I sent him some pictures and he said I needed dual nails for the capacitors too.

So that's what I decided to do today. Add two nails and some more copper wire to each board. Then solder it to place. Add components and solder them to place as well.
Capacitors soldered to the copper wire.
Both boards finished, all components soldered to place.
The filters aren't fully finished yet though. The coil is pretty heavy (it's all copper) so it has to be glued in place. I asked Ingvar if he though that it was enough to use a hot glue gun but he said I should get something stronger and I don't have that at the moment. Will need to find something that's strong enough.

Since I couldn't do any more on the filters I moved on to the baffles. I decided to fit all the t-nuts and mount a driver and see what it looks like. But first I had to email Ingvar and ask him how I was supposed to fit the t-nuts. I have never worked with such before so I didn't know if I was supposed to somehow screw them in place, hammer them in place or press with something. He told me that hammering them was good.

First six t-nuts in place, only a lot to go.
Driver mounted to the baffle. For the finall install I'll make sure to have the binding posts pointing down instead since that's where the filter will be.
A front view of the driver mounted to the baffle.
Enough playing, time to remove the driver and start with the remaining t-nuts.

All t-nuts in place. I had to use a lot of force for the upper tweeter t-nut because it overlapped the one for the  woofer.

That's enough for today. Hopefully I'll get to start building these soon, I can barely wait! But first I'll have to finish the dMar-Kel70T, otherwise they'll never be done ;)

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