Thursday, 8 November 2012

Glueing sidepanels and having lack of time

Blogging is a bit slow at the moment, lots of things going on in real life so I am having problems finding time to post anything to the blog. But yesterday I finally had some time with dad so we glued some side panels for the dMar-Kel70T.

I also found a funny mistake when I dry fitted the side panels. I had put damping material all the way everywhere, not thinking that the damping material takes some space. That meant I had to cut off some of the damping material at the ends of the side panels to fit the damping material stuck to the bottom and top panels. Will have to do that for the baffles too.

Glueing in process. Weight plated being used to put pressure from above and some more weight plates to keep it from falling over.

A  big mess!

Due to the extreme lack of time I haven't even had time to clean up in my room. This is how it looks like at the moment and it's like walking in a maze.

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