Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Making a new set of cables

Since the cables to the woofers weren't long enough to enable pulling out the drivers when the cabinet is finished I have decided to make a new set of cables. If I use the cables originally intended for the top woofer for the bottom woofer instead I will be able to pull out the driver when the cabinet is finished. Then I'll make a new cable to the top woofer so I can pull out that driver too if I'd need to. The tweeter cables is still too short for that but I don't think that's a problem since I can reach the terminals on the tweeter by removing the top woofer (the terminals are on the upper side of the tweeter). So if I, for some reason, would have to remove the tweeter I will have to remove the upper woofer as well.

I was about to start making that new pair of cables today but I quickly ran into problems. I had no big enough cable shoes. The biggest ones I had were 2.5mm and I need something like 6.35mm like I have for the other cables. Might be the local car workshop has some I could buy, but that workshop is really far away from where I live so I'll wait until dad comes home so we can take the car instead of me having to bike there.

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