Saturday, 10 November 2012

Masking tape, drivers, cables and filters

This saturday is a very boring saturday. Useless weather outside so I'm not planning for any outdoor activities today. But there's lots of time for indoor activities, like starting to fix cables for the Oy speakers.

To know the exact lengths I will need to assemble a cabinet, put drivers and filter. Then I can cut the cables to proper lengths and put cable shoes on them and make them ready to be soldered to the filter. Of course I started with assembling the cabinets. Starting with a side panel flat on the floor, then add bottom and back panel and tape this together. Then add a baffle and tape it together with the rest. Add the top panel and you have a cabinet with an open side, perfect for this kind of work. Flip the cabinet over so it stands on the back panel and add drivers and screw them in place place with a couple of bolts so they don't fall out and get damaged. Add some more tape to make sure the cabinet doesn't fall apart.

Ingvar had told me to put the filter behind the lower woofer, so it is easily accessible for modifications and changes. But when I started with the cables I realised I had no idea if the woofers were to be wired in series or parallell. So before I can start cutting cables I need to know how I shall wire them.

I then decided to go on with the tweeter cables, because they can only be done in one way. But when I tried to bolt the tweeter to the baffle I realised that the bolts didn't fit through the holes in the tweeter. That's a problem, a big problem. Now you might think "just use smaller screws then" but since the holes in the baffles are for bolts and now screws a smaller screw wont work either because the holes in the baffle are too big. I've sent an email to Ingvar and I'm waiting for him to reply.

So I can't really do much at the moment. I could mount cable shoes to the cable ends but I'm not sure how to use the cable shoes Ingvar sent. It doesn't look like I'm suppose to squeeze them like ordinary cable shoes, might be I'm supposed to solder them. But I'll wait for a reply from Ingvar before I'm doing anything permanent. Since I'm home alone for a week now I could leave the cabinet in the middle of the hallway without my parents complaining.

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