Friday, 12 October 2012

The speakers have finally arrived!

Dad came home with the speakers today. Three packages in total. One long, heavy one probably just containing lots of the 18mm birch plywood (I guess all the parts for the Oy). One slightly smaller and much lighter package containing the stuff for the Mar-Kel70T which Ingvar was so nice to cut for free. It also contained filter components, binding posts and panels, some damping material, glue, cables (the cables to the tweeters were missing but Ingvar will send them with the drivers later), screws and some other stuff. The smallest box was very light and it seems like it contains damping material only for the Oy.

Click for a larger picture
Tomorrow I will start building the Mar-Kel70T speakers, hopefully everything goes as planned.
Everything will be documented thoroughly since I'm planning on using some of it for a school work.

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