Sunday, 21 October 2012

Another day working with the dMar-Kel70T

Today the goal was to join the brace, back and bottom pieces together and make holes for the terminals. I am glad to say I actually achieved that and a little more. I'll skip the smalltalk and go directly to the pictures and comment them instead. As they say, one picture can say more than a thousand words. Click the pictures to make them a bit bigger.

Here I have cut holes for the terminals in the back panel and in the brace and joined these two panels together. The hole for the terminal was 53mm and I had no hole saw of that size so it had to be done manually with a jigsaw.

Back, bottom and brace joined together.

Both done.

When I glued the port spacers onto to the outsides I kept a millimeter or two on the other side towards the back panel to make sure it didn't poke out and to make sure I had enough of it in the other end for the 45 degree cut. This reulted in the spacers being too long so I couldn't fit the baffle so they had to be cut about 2mm so we did this with a jigsaw. Don't try to make a clean cut in birchply with a jigsaw, you will fail!

The first set of sides being joined together. Note there's only four screws here and clamps in the middle.

This time I decided to use eight screws instead so I could skip the clamps and get a better pressing force on all spacers. I also screwed the screws a lot harder this time.

One finished set of side panels, only two left!

I couldn't resist dry-fitting it using speaker number two as a top panel (the real top panel wasn't in the workshop at the moment). So this is how it will look like when it's all done except the 45 degree cuts in the front.

Done for the day. Much work has been done and two sets of side panels still remain. Then I will start mounting terminals, wire, damping materials, top panel and eventually get ready for the 45 degree cut.
As for the 45 degree cut I realise that I wont be able to do that at hope, I simply lack the tools to make a nice clean cut. I will contact a company called Olskogen Trävittra which is close to where I live. Dad knows the owner so hopefully he'll help me out with this. He ought to have the tools and experience needed, since he's building furniture, skis and guitars. Tomorrow I'll finish the side panels (if I have time) and me and dad will continue building on wednesday if everything goes as planned.

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