Saturday, 13 October 2012

Glueing port spacers for the dMar-Kel70T and making some discoveries

I started this morning by dry-fitting a cabinet. It took me a while to figure out all the parts but eventually I made it. I kept the baffle off until the last, and then realised that the baffle was too tall. It is 360mm while the stuff I got from Ingvar was 358mm. This led to some problems... It seemed like I would have to try to sand it  down by 2mm to get it to the right height.

As I was looking at the dry-fitted cabinets I realised something was wrong with the brace, here's a picture to illustrate it.
Click for a larger picture
As you can see the cutout in the brace is too far up, or the hole in the baffle too far down. I didn't know which yet. I looked up the drawings for the T version cabinets comparing them with the ones I had here at home for my standard version cabinets. Both drawings displayed 120mm from top of the baffle to the center of the hole. I measured my baffle that Dave had sent me a while ago and it was more like 140-145mm from the top of the baffle to center of the hole. Good, nothing is wrong with the brace and the baffle has to be redone, which means I'll get it to proper height this time. Ingvar said he would fix it for me and I guess he'll send me the new baffles along with the drivers for the Oy speakers. I am really astonished by how much he cares for his customers. If you're thinking of buying a set of speakers in Sweden, contact Ingvar. I can strongly recommend making business with him!

Another discovery I made just now is that this is the deciSize Mar-Kel70T and that I'm the first person in the world building those. Seems like Dave "tricked" me into beta-building for him again ;) Well, nothing wrong with that. The difference is that this cabinet is ~4l smaller than the standard size Mar-Kel70T. The sonic differences will be that it wont go as low in the bass. But it will sound better than my 12mm particle board cabinet anyways since 18mm birchply is a lot better than 12mm particle board.

When it comes to what I've done today I've been glueing the port spacers onto the outsides of the cabinets. I've finished three of four sides and will do the last one tomorrow. Then I will start thinking of good way of attaching the back panel to the bottom panel. It's very important that I get the angles right at exactly 90 degrees, otherwise the whole cabinet will get weird.

Picture of the workshop where all my DIY speakers have been born. It's a hell of a place to work in and it's impossible to find things when you need them. Click for a larger picture.

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