Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Finishing the side panels and finding a problem

Today I decided to finish the side panels. It was easy and it took me less than half an hour to finish the remaining two panels.

When I was finished I tried dry-fitting the speakers and then I found a problem. The brace appeared to be too long, or the inner sides on the side panels were too far in. I measured the side panels and there was 21mm from the end of the inner side to the back wall and that's all correct. The brace was not too long because the baffle was aligned well with the bottom panel. I can't leave a 2-3mm gap between the baffle and the side panels so the only option was to sand the baffle down by a couple of millimeters. Took me maybe half an hour to get it right but now the baffle and side panels fit well with eachother. One problem that might occur is that the magnet of the driver will hit the brace too early. Then I will have to sand the brace at the driver cutout. I will do check that the next time I'm in the mood for building (read: when I have time). That would mean removing a driver from my current speaker and fitting it in the birchply cabinets. Hopefully I'll be able to put the driver back in my particle board cabinets, otherwise I'll be without speakers for a while.

I also talked to Olskogen Trävittra today (mentioned them in another post) and they said they could do the 45 degree cuts for me. Isn't that wonderful?

What remains to be done is:

  1. Make sure the drivers doesn't hit the brace too early. If they do, sand it down a bit until it fits.
  2. Drill holes for the drivers in the baffles. Four holes per baffle.
  3. Fit dampening material on the bottom, back, sides, top and baffles. Draw lines on the panels to know where I can fit the material without hitting any other panels.
  4. Mount side panels to the rest of the cabinet
  5. Make sure the terminal fits in the hole and if it doesn't, sand it a bit so it fits and then mount it.
  6. Prepare wires from the terminal to the driver. I think I'll use one or two strands of CAT5 networking cable.
  7. Fit the baffle to the rest of the box.
  8. Again make sure the driver fits well and that it's not hitting the brace and find out how many spacers I need between driver and brace.
  9. Mount the top panel. Hopefully all other panels are of the same height otherwise I'd need to sand them down and that can be a pain in the arse to get them all even. But since they're CNC-cut they should be fine.
  10. Call Olskogen Trävittra and visit them to get the 45 degree cuts done.
  11. Solder the cables to the drivers and mount them and be careful not to slip with the screwdriver.
  12. Plug and play!

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