Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The subs might be ready earlier than expected

My dad came with the brilliant idea today. He said why not use my old subwoofer boxes to put the LAB12 in? My old boxes are ~40-45l internal volume and the LAB12 should fit on the side. The original baffle is too small though so I'll have to cut a new piece of particle to board and glue it on the old baffle to cover up the old driver hole. I'll also add some bracing when I have two big holes to work through.
This should mean that I can have them ready to be played in only a few days after I have picked up the subs.

Sent from Gothenburg 10:12 AM today.

Such a shame I don't have a second powerful amplifier to run them on next Wednesday when it's the school project work exhibition. Might bring them anyways and use my dad's old Yamaha amplifier and just run them a little easy. We'll see.

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