Monday, 25 March 2013

Mud, water and bolts.

I was in the city today. I brought my bike with me on the train to be able to travel faster when searching for M6 insex bolts and M6 t-nuts. I started with biking 4km to a shop I thought had what I needed. They didn't have any. The told me to go to another place. So I did, I biked another 1.5km to the next place. They didn't have any either and told me to go to a third place about 500m away. They had the insex bolts so I bought 16 of them for 17SEK, good price!

They didn't have any t-nuts though, so I asked them if they knew any place that had. They told me to go to place #4 about 2km away. I went to that place and they only had four left. But they told me about a fifth place about 5km away that definitely had M6 t-nuts. Problem was I had to go to the dentist so I didn't have time to go there. I had to head home with only the bolts, no t-nuts. My bike was dirty like never before, so was my shoes, my jeans, my jacket and backpack. This is a bad time of the year for biking in the city!

But to brighten up my day I just ordered some stuff from Thomann.

Speakon connectors for the speaker cables. 2x4mm speaker cables, damping material, connector cable between the amplifiers, the sub amplifier itself and finally some t-nuts. I'm hoping it will arrive before the weekend. It is shipped from Germany but if I remember correctly it's pretty fast anyways.

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