Sunday, 17 March 2013

Eminence LAB12 subwoofers coming!

Today I just bought a pair of subwoofers from a guy at a Swedish forum
The price was 1820SEK for a pair including shipping and insurance. He will post them tomorrow so I should have them on Wednesday or Thursday I guess.

The plan is to put them in small sealed boxes, about 30 litres net volume. Power them with a Behringer iNuke NU6000DSP and use EQ to boost the bottom. I have contacted Ingvar about the boxes and hopefully he can cut all the panels for me, it depends on how much it would cost though.

I will use Neutrik speakon contacts. Between my HK amp and the Behringer I will use RCA in one end and XLR in the other (I think that works).
This is the planned order from Thomann, so far. NC3 MMX-B is the XLR connector. NYS 373-0 is the RCA connector. NL2 FC is speakon. XXR is just color coding rings for the XLR connectors. NL2 MP D-TYP is the speakon connector panel. I also chose to order a B-Stock amplifier, it's €33 cheaper so why not? Cordial CDS122 is the RCA/XLR cable, 0.5m per cable should be enough. CLS240 is the speaker cable, 2x4mm, but I'm not sure if I need it since I have some spare cables from my HAD Oy build. And finally some damping material. The specs said it was enough for 20 litres so four packets should be fine.

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