Saturday, 23 March 2013

Making progress!

I'm making steady progress. Today was a perfect day for working outside. -5c and sunny, so I only had to put on a jacket and some slippers and head outside.

I started by removing the old drivers and the glassfiberwool insulation I had used as damping material. Blow it all clean with compressed air to avoid getting in contact with glassfiberwool dust.

New vs old driver

Big difference in size and quality, and of course in weight!

Next step was to measure the old driver holes. They seemed to be 23cm diameter and I needed 28cm diameter for the LAB12. Funny enough the internal width of the cabinet is exactly 28cm too. It took me a while to get both holes done. I didn't want to make the holes too big but I didn't want it to go too slow either.  After about an hour both holes was done and I went indoors to warm my hands and feet. I mean, I had been outdoors for more than an hour wearing no gloves and only slippers on my feet.

While I was warming myself I decided to seal the rest of the inside. I couldn't find the silicone I had used before so I just used normal wood glue and smeared it on the insides like this.
White glue and grey/black silicone
When that was done I headed out again to cut pieces for bracing. I can't do any fancy bracing since I can't remove any of the sides. So I decided to do like this...

The bottom picture only shows one side done. I'll do the other side when the glue has dried for an hour or two. I'm also wondering if I should try to add a brace going from one side panel to the other, which in this picture would mean from top to bottom. I think it would be able to do that since the driver hole is so big. I'm also thinking of adding a triangular brace between bottom panel and baffle below the driver cutout, which is this picture would mean on the left wall to the baffle. Maybe I'll do the same in the opposite corner (back panel and top panel).

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