Saturday, 11 August 2012


My first post about this amplifier can be found --here--

So I'm pretty much finished with this amplifier now. Both toroid inductors are done and soldered into place (this was a hell of a job!). Soldered the four remaining small capacitors and then the massive bulk capacitors. Damn they're heavy!

What remains now is to find out how to place the jumpers, put some wires on the back of the board (I don't know why but I've seen on pictures that there are a couple of wires on the back). And when all this is done I'll have to test it to make sure everything is OK and then I'll mount the IC and hook it up to some speakers and see what it can do.

Before the bulk capacitors. Click for a bigger picture.

Everything mounted (except the IC). Click for a bigger picture.

Click for a bigger picture.

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