Monday, 6 August 2012


My first post about this amplifier can be found --here--.

So, I've found out how to properly solder the surface mounted resistors on the back and finished soldering them. I've also found out how to identify the different diodes. There were one 10V diode and one 13V and they looked exactly the same. I was told at diyaudio that there should be numbers written on them so I took a magnifying glass and managed to find the part numbers and googled it. Soldered them to place on the backside in parallell with some resistors. Very hard work getting it right and avoiding shorts.
Click for a bigger picture
I've also soldered some more capacitors and a transistor.

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Click for a bigger picture
As you can see in the picture I've winded one of the ferrite core inductors but I am unsure if I have done it properly or not, so I'm waiting for somebody to judge my work before I solder it to the board.

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