Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Almost "done"!

This will be a quite short post, mostly just facts so I can remember what I've done when it is time to write my report for school. Quite tired after a long day, you see.

I started with screwin the filter to speaker number one.

Then I added damping material to the side for speaker number one, and cutting away some for the braces.
I also added some hot glue to the bolts on the filters, just to keep them in place.

Added some clamps to hold the cable in place.

Speaker number one is being glued. Didn't need very many clamps for this, the weights were enough. The garden stones weight 14kg each. I have also dampened the second side panel. The brace is higher up in the box in speaker number two, as you can see in the cutouts in the damping material. It accidentally became like that, and I noticed it first after I had glued them so I couldn't be arsed to fix it.

When speaker number one had gotten some hours to dry I carried it to the garage and spent about 1½ hour sanding it. First a run with 40's paper to do most of the work at some places. Then a run with 120's over all panels and joints. I also spent 10-15 minutes carving away glue. Thick pieces of glue can't be sanded really, has to be cut away.

Then I carried them back in again and it was time to mount the terminals. Problem!
The spade connectors were too small. There was too little metal to drill the holes larger so I had to cut them off and replace them with bigger ones. Luckily I had a few centimeter more cable than I needed.

Small vs big one
With the new ring connectors I mounted them to the terminal. Problem again, see the picture. I was just about to go ask dad for help and advice but I came up with a solution myself. Why shall the cable point down when the filter is above the terminal? Loosen the bolt, rotate the connectors 180 degrees and it's fine. Four screws later the terminal was fixed in place.

Up and running!
It was quite funny though. Mom, dad and my brother had been saying "What if it's dead quiet when you turn it on for the first time" and I've been saying that it wont. Guess what happened, it was dead quiet. The Mar-Kel speaker on the right channel was playing fine though. Checking the speaker cables twice, everything is fine. Decided to connect the left Mar-Kel again and see if it works. No it didn't. I check my Reckhorn active filter and a cables has come off. Probably because me and dad were lifting the amplifiers earlier today when we needed the garden plates. Put the cable back in and everything was fine.

I wont comment about the sound yet, I'll play them for a couple of days before I will write about the sound. All speakers sound like shit when the drivers come straight from the box never being played, so I'll try to play them as much as possible in the coming week and wait for them to loosen up a bit.

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