Monday, 1 October 2012

Papa Roach - The Connection (2012)

This album was like an eye-opener for me. I had always thought that Papa Roach was like skatepunk music. The reason for this was because in primary school we went on a trip with my class and there was this skater dude in my class playing Papa Roach all day. That was maybe 5-7 years ago, I don't know really.

So I found this album, and decided to try it out just for fun. The first track is just an into track so it didn't really say much about the album as whole. But the second track was very interesting, and all the other tracks. The sound is nice, pretty mainstream though, and the music in general is quite mainstream. But it's still good and I've been listening to this album a lot the last few days.

It's not an audiophile masterpiece, but the music is good and it sounds ok (could be a lot worse). On a scale from one to ten (sound-wise) I'll give it 5/10.

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