Friday, 5 October 2012

Keith Greeninger & Dayan Kay - Make It Rain

I should go to sleep now, but I got stuck listening to this amazing album. I haven't bought it yet, I need to get more money on my PayPal account before I can do so.

But listening through the songs on this website puts me in heaven, kind of. Such amazing recordings and good songs! Keith's voice sure is something special and unique. If you haven't listened yet, do so! You wont regret and it's totally free to do so.

While I'm at it I'll also recommend other albums recorded and mastered by Cookie Marenco. She is very very good at what she's doing and ESE (Extended Sound Enviroment) is really nice, especially when listening with headphones. You can really imagine that you are there, hearing them live in the studio. There's not many other albums that can do this, as far as I have heard.

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