Monday, 21 May 2012

Bryan John Appleby - Fire on the Vine (2012)

I actually found this album by sheer coincidence. One of my international friends posted a cover of one of the songs on the album, the cover can be seen here and I must admit it's very good for being a first cover.

I decided to google Bryan John Appleby and so I found his website. I listened through some of the tracks and I really wanted to buy the album. The digital download costed $7 and that was exactly how much I had left on my PayPal account. So I bought the album, downloaded it in FLAC and started enjoying it.

It doesn't really sound like anything I've ever heard before, but it's good. Very good. Favorite tracks so far are #1 Noah's Nameless Wife, #6 The Word Of The Revelator and #7 The Lake.

Bryan John Appleby has several "covers" of himself on YouTube, for an example thisthis and this.

MasVis analysis

Audio quality - 6.5/10

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