Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Donald Fagen - The Nightfly (1982)

This is Donald Fagen's first solo album released 1982. Previously Donald Fagen was active in Steely Dan but after it's breakup in 1981 he decided to go his own way.

This album has a very dynamic and live sound. It may sound a little "thin" and boring but that's not true at all. I first got to know of this album when I was with Takida (a famous swedish band) on a gig. I was following their soundguy just getting to know what it's like being a soundguy. After we had set up his table and got the PA working he said he needed to EQ it. He turned on the first track of this album, I.G.Y., and I got caught in the dynamics and the bass of that track. Lower volumes wont give this album justice, turn up the volume and you will be rewarded. Due to the good dynamics and non-brickwalled mastering it is possible to play this album at loud volumes even with small speakers.

MasVis analysis

Audio quality - 9/10

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