Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Audioslave - Audioslave (2002)

This is the first album released by Audioslave. It has a (in my opinion) special sound, like typically Audioslave. Nothing is as is "should" be and I think it's quite innovative, especially the way Tom Morello plays the guitar.
I'll pick a few tracks and write some words about them. It take too much time to write about every song on the album and I'm sure that only a few would read about them all.

The opening track called Cochise starts of with Tom Morello hitting the strings with something like a pen (he has said that's how he came up with that helicopter sound) and it builds up nicely and then explodes into a supercool riff. Chris Cornell's voice is, as usual, far from normal.  The guitar riff surely gets on your mind and it's a pretty "fast" song. Not the best one on the album, but it's a nice song to start a good album with.

Track #5 is called Like a Stone and my jaw sure drops like a stone each time I hear this song. In my opinion one of Audioslave's best tracks. I have listened to this track hundreds of time but i still find it just as good as I did the first time.

Track #7, Shadow On the Sun, is also one of the better tracks on this album. It's mostly a calm song with not very much action but a few times it suddenly explodes and Chris Cornell really shows what he is capable of. Bass is played very well by Tim Commerford. About halfway through the song Tom goes crazy with his guitar making the song unique.

The ending track, The Last Remaining Light, is a slow, calm song.  Cymbals and treble in general is very apparent in this song but I still can help feeling thinking it sounds a little muffled. The cymbals doesn't sound very real, unfortunately. A good song though, but may feel a little melancholic.

MasVis analysis

Audio quality - 6.5/10

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